Annual Hall of Fame and awards


Banquet is held every June and is open to all Arbor Valley members

Below are the newest Hall of Fame members along with the Director of the Year, the League Secretary of the Year and Scholarship recipients for the 2018-2019 bowling season.

2019 hall of fame inductees


Teresa Marshall - Bowling Performance


When Teresa averaged 131 for 87 games in the 2000/2001 season in the L&J Invitational Mixed league at Wayne Bowl she probably didn’t consider that one day she would be a member of a bowling Hall of Fame.

Through hard work, perseverance, and study her average steadily rose to where she was consistently in the high 190’s and lower 200’s averages. For several of the years she competed in five or more leagues a week in the Metro Detroit, Western Wayne and Arbor Valley USBC associations.

Teresa is not afraid to bowl against the best competition in tournament play. She has twelve (12) Arbor Valley Women’s Annual tournament titles including three singles titles, four doubles titles, one team title and four all-events titles. In 2010 she won both Annual Women’s and Annual Open handicap all-events championships.

Her team won the Michigan State Mixed tournament in 2016 and she won the Ladies Handicap All-Events title that same year. In 2013 she won the National 700 Club handicap doubles championship and on 2009 she claimed the Handicap Doubles crown in the TNBA Central Regional tournament.

Teresa has been a tournament worker volunteer since 2015 and in 2017 was elected to the Arbor Valley USBC board as a director.

It is our pleasure to recognize the bowling performance of Teresa L. Marshall by inducting her into the Arbor Valley USBC Association Hall of Fame. 


John Schneider - Bowling Performance


John has been successful in both league and tournament bowling. He is a long-time member of the Angstrom, Inc. team in the Maplewood Twilite league at Maplewood Lanes. The team has been league champion five times and consistently contests for first place in the league. He has led the league in average nine times in the past twenty plus years.

He has consistently maintained a 220 plus average of the past twenty years and attained his high average of 228 in the Veteran’s/U of M Men’s league at Colonial Lanes (now Revel and Roll). His high series of 836 came on games of 268, 269 and 299 bowled during the 2010-11 season. He has bowled ten 300 games and four 800 series as well as earning six 11 in-a-row awards.

One of his 800 series came in the 2018 Association Annual Open tournament when his 804 series propelled him to the Actual Singles championship and second place in Handicap Singles.

His doubles team finished second in Actual Doubles in the 2013 Michigan State Mixed Tournament and the following year his team finished first in the Actual Team category.

It is our pleasure to recognize the bowling performance of John R. Schneider by inducting him into the Arbor Valley USBC Association Hall of Fame.

It is our pleasure to recognize the bowling performance of John R. Schneider by inducting him into the Arbor Valley USBC Association Hall of Fame.


Bill Risner - Bowling Performance


Bill was introduced to bowling in his late teens by his stepfather Bob Shenk who was also an accomplished bowler and long-time association member. It did not take long to rise to a high level in the sport. His smooth style and accuracy are two of his many strengths.

In addition to his success in league play he excels in tournament bowling where his skills are tested against other accomplished bowlers. In association tournament play he was a team member of the 2008 Annual Open actual team winner Colonial Lanes, the 2014 actual team winner Chemung Hills #2 and the 2019 actual and handicap team winner Michigan Mold Services. He partnered with Rod Radant to win the 2014 actual and handicap doubles event.

In the 2006 Michigan State B.A. Annual Tournament his team finished in second place. He won the 2014 700 Club Mixed Doubles tournament. He captured the doubles championship in the Captain Morgan New Years Eve tournament at Spectrum Lanes in Wyoming, MI. He finished first in actual and second in handicap in the 40 Frame Game in Toledo and won a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the National Finals.

Bill is the owner of Michigan Mold Services and sponsors many league and tournament teams. He is a sponsor of Ed Rondot’s Pro Shop Shootout tournaments. He was an assistant bowling coach for the Brighton High School boy’s team.


It is our pleasure to recognize the bowling performance of William A. Risner by inducting him into the Arbor Valley USBC Association Hall of Fame.

Association manager awards


League Secretary of the Year


Each year an exceptional league secretary is selected to represent the many league secretaries who devote their efforts in making sure the league is run effectively and that the bowlers enjoy the competition that bowling offers. Many times we see leagues getting smaller and eventually disband because the secretary doesn’t properly perform their duties. When the duties are performed properly and on time it makes the job of association manager much easier.

It’s not an easy job being the enforcer of the USBC and league rules and it takes a certain skill to enforce the rules and still make everyone happy. League secretaries are paid a modest amount of money for the time and effort they devote to their league. It is mostly a labor of love!

Cathy is the secretary of several leagues at the Howell Bowl-E-Drome and as an employee there she does the computer input of scores for all of the leagues at the Bowl-E-Drome and produces the weekly standings sheets for each league. She assists in the league membership processing. Each week she submits the special achievement award scores to the association for processing. She was also the firmer secretary of the Livingston Valley Women’s Bowling Association as assisted in the association merger process. She is winding down her duties at the Bowl-E-Drome and plans to retire in the near future.

We thank Cathy for her service to the bowlers at Howell Bowl-E-Drome and the Arbor Valley USBC Association.


Arbor Valley USBC Director of the Year

Each year the association recognizes a board member who goes the extra mile in service to the association and its bowlers. This year we would like to honor Carolyn Crawford. She has worked the association tournaments as a volunteer for many years and was recently elected to the board of directors. Carolyn is the jack of all trades for our tournaments working as a monitor, mystery game coordinator, 50/50 ticket seller and bracket and jackpot collector of both money and scores. She is a member of the tournament committee and contributes good ideas that makes our tournaments better. 

Thank you Carolyn for your service to the members of the Arbor Valley USBC Association. 

Scholarship Winners

Dean Fassero - Harold Stander Winner

Dean Fassero - Harold Stander Winner

Dean Fassero - Harold Stander Winner



Dean is currently attending Central Michigan University where he is majoring in Environmental Science. He states that he is enjoying the college experience and has met many new friends that are now his family away from home. He attended Howell High School where he maintained a 3.9 grade point average, graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the National Honor Society. His community activities included the Gleaners Food Bank, Recycle Livingston and United Way Day of Giving.

He did not start bowling until the summer prior to freshman year in high school. He was immediately hooked on the sport and worked hard at learning the game and practicing to improve. He works in the bowling center pro shop doing ball fitting and drilling. He enjoys helping bowlers improve their bowling skills.

Dean bowled for four years on Howell’s junior varsity and varsity teams. His coach, Dave LaFollette, describes Dean as very hard working and motivates and inspires his fellow students. He averaged 213 his senior year on the team and bowled a 300 game during high school competition. His high series is 714. He has participated in USBC Junior Gold tournaments and enjoys competing against the best bowlers in his age category.

Dean won the all-events title in the 2015 Arbor Valley Annual Youth tournament.

Congratulations to Dean on earning the Harold Stander scholarship.

Emily Manetz - Thelma Beck Winner

Dean Fassero - Harold Stander Winner

Dean Fassero - Harold Stander Winner


Emily just completed her first year at the University of Michigan where her interest lies in environmental engineering with an eye toward environmental or the process engineering fields. A 4.0 student at Howell High School she was a member of the National Honor Society. Her class rank was 4th out of 651 students. She was selected to the MHSAA Girls Division 1 Academic All-State bowling team in 2018.

Her high school AP Chemistry teacher describes Emily as among the finest students and young persons she has had the pleasure to work with. She added that she is an accomplished, intelligent and well-rounded young woman who exemplifies her school and community to the highest degree. Her high school bowling coach describes her as the heart and soul of the team. He has a great deal of respect for her and is proud to recommend her for this scholarship. 

Emily and her sister learned to bowl from their aunt. She stated that bowling connects her to her family and friends. She has grown closer to her sister due to their shared interest in the sport and she has met many of her greatest friends through bowling.

Emily was selected to the KLSS All-Conference Bowling Team in 2017 and 2018. She made the MHSAA State Singles finals in 2018. Her two year girl’s varsity average was 186. Her high game is 256 and high series is 668. She has bowled for seven years in the Howell Bowl-E-Drome youth program.

Congratulations to Emily on earning the Thelma Beck Scholarship!

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